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Managed Service Starting at

$2,500 /mo.

3, 6 and 12 month engagements.

Pricing varies

Performance-based enagements.
How it works:

Fixed monthly pricing based on the number of prospects being prospected to in the marketing cadence.

We build a custom prospect list and a multi-touch lead nurturing cadence to cultivate new opportunities through outbound calls, email prospecting, LinkedIn connecting and content sharing. You review the incoming leads and select which Prospects you want us to schedule a meeting with. We handoff warm leads and scheduled sales appointments. Available qualifiers include budget, authority, need and timeframe.

Fee per qualified appointment.

We build a custom prospect list and outbound call marketing plan. The outbound campaign is designed for velocity, scale and quota-based production. Prospects are screened for interest and need for your solution; have decision influence or authority, and confirms an agreeable date and time for a meeting. Confirmed meetings are delivered to the sales rep’s and prospect’s calendar via electronic calendar invitation.

Key details:
  1. Veteran Inside Sales Professionals Assigned to your Program
  2. 750 – 3000 prospects, or more, are nurtured in the cadence per month + account management. (depending on subscription)

The managed services Inside Sales Representative follows an outbound “lead nurturing” method designed to build relationships with prospects in the target market, and identify projects / initiatives within the prospect’s company which align with your product/solution. They then convert those prospects into leads and appointments when the “ready-to-buy” timeframe and qualifying criteria are right. This lead nurturing methodology follows an outbound marketing cadence consisting of a series of touch communications involving email, LinkedIn connections, content and phone.

  1. Veteran Inside Sales Professionals Assigned to your Program
  2. Pricing varies by target prospect, company spec. Only pay for qualified leads OR completed meetings.

We provide everything — data, software, expertise. Custom messaging, prospecting strategy, sales advisory. Process integrated with your CRM, calendar. Meetings scheduled for your team. Limited to select customers.

The primary marketing method for our performance-based engagements is outbound cold calling. Cold calling offers a very effective means for reaching prospects, engaging them with live conversations, and generating interest in a product or service they may or may not have been thinking about. This method offers the sales rep an open-door into a prospect’s company to sell and look for opportunities through additional farming within the organization.

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Questions about Plans and Pricing

B2B Demand Generation is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. Upon analyzing the lead generation requirements of hundreds of B2B and complex-sale companies, we uncovered distinct differences in what company’s expected and how they defined qualified leads. These differences were often tied to variables such as annual customer spend (price-point), sales cycle length, product/solution, target market criteria. We developed two marketing models that aligned with these variables and client expectations.

Cold calling is ideal at getting your sales rep in the door of high-value targets. Live prospect conversations are very effective at generating interest, screening for need/pain and setting appointments with qualified influencers and decision makers. This offers high velocity penetration into your prescribed target market to amp-up the company sales funnel with interest-based leads.

Unlike one-touch cold calling, Managed Services is ideal for uncovering deep prospect qualifying requirements such as buying timeframe, and budget criteria. Because some companies sell solutions and products that require alignment with a defined buying timeframe, we determined that a multi-touch prospecting cadence is most effective because of its prospect nurturing methodology. The end result successfully establishes a relationship and triggers the generation of a sales appointment near the ready-to-buy timeframe.

The Fee-per-Appointment and Managed Services Program Pilots both come with a written Statement of Work. Terms and Conditions are included along with service level guarantees, your documented lead criteria and details pertaining to your specific target market. Please talk to your Program Specialist to receive a customized Statement of Work outlining a demand generation Program for your business.

Insource Leads will analyze your target prospect requirements such as decision maker titles/roles/departments, business size, business vertical, geography, etc. and custom-build a prospect contact list for your Program. We have more than 29m contacts in our in-house data inventory and also combine several data sources and partners using data append, 3rd party APIs, and crowd-sourcing to provide fast, clean data-builds. We verify every email we source with a 3rd party verification service. Lists include name, company name, title, email, phone/direct line phones-extensions; some contacts will include LinkedIn Profile URLs. Lastly, we suppress the net new data against your company’s do-not-contact list of clients and prospects. You will own the final list.

The Managed Services Program model provides a set of KPIs to drive performance toward a specific goal of sales appointments and leads. This will be discussed by your Program Manager and outlined in your Statement of Work. The Fee-per-Appointment Program provides a contractual guarantee for a specific number of scheduled qualified sales appointments within the Statement of Work.

The volume and scale of our Programs are discussed and planned with you prior to delivering the Statement of Work.

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