What is the difference between Managed Services and Pay-per-Appointment?

What is the difference between Managed Services and Pay-per-Appointment?

B2B Demand Generation is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. Upon analyzing the lead generation requirements of hundreds of B2B and complex-sale companies, we uncovered distinct differences in what company’s expected and how they defined qualified leads. These differences were often tied to variables such as annual customer spend (price-point), sales cycle length, product/solution, target market criteria. We developed two marketing models that aligned with these variables and client expectations.

Cold calling is ideal at getting your sales rep in the door of high-value targets. Live prospect conversations are very effective at generating interest, screening for need/pain and setting appointments with qualified influencers and decision makers. This offers high velocity penetration into your prescribed target market to amp-up the company sales funnel with interest-based leads.

Unlike one-touch cold calling, Managed Services is ideal for uncovering deep prospect qualifying requirements such as buying timeframe, and budget criteria. Because some companies sell solutions and products that require alignment with a defined buying timeframe, we determined that a multi-touch prospecting cadence is most effective because of its prospect nurturing methodology. The end result successfully establishes a relationship and triggers the generation of a sales appointment near the ready-to-buy timeframe.