B2B Sales Growth Expertise

Our History

The backbone of our company’s history is sales consulting. Our leadership and operations team has worked with hundreds of CEOs and business leaders across several B2B industries to help solve complex sales problems, improve the performance of their sales teams, implement sales tools and systems, and recruit the very best sales people. This experience led to a demand generation operation, prompting the creation of an innovative outbound conversion operation to generate appointments and fill our clients’ pipeline with interested prospects.

In response to a demand for fresh and accurate decision-maker contact information, we also expanded our operation to cover in-depth marketing data. As a result we have more than 29 million contact records in our inventory today and can build a database for complex solutions in the B2B marketplace.

While there’s been constant change occurring in demand generation over the last ten years, one constant remains the same: companies need lead conversion, and this must occur via outbound marketing channels such as live conversations and email prospecting.

Insource Leads has brought together the three main pillars for success: outbound lead conversion, marketing data management, and sales performance through consulting.


Our industry focus encompasses B2B complex sales products and solutions. This includes high tech, software, professional services, financial services, business services, and many more, all of which involve executive-level buyers. Most of our clients have a multi-touch sales cycles varying in range from six weeks to more than a year.


Our philosophies are rooted in building trust in our relationships and having integrity in everything we do. Since we become an extension of our clients’ sales and marketing teams, we strive to build a partnership spirit. We need to work side-by-side with our clients in order to optimize results and to ensure a seamless delivery of sales appointments and leads.

We also carry the responsibility and honor of being an extension of our clients’ brands. We understand that each client has a different product, service, target market, and goal. As a result, we treat each unique from the next, ensuring the setup and delivery of our program is tailored to those unique details and elements of our clients’ business.

We believe in transparency. To us, transparency means being honest with our clients about their business, and our work. We focus on being upfront about the process we develop and follow. This removes any ambiguity with the client regarding the work we do, and builds trust.