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Insource Leads Customer Portal:
A Glimpse Inside

At Insource Leads, we recognize the power of real-time insight and full transparency. Our Managed Inside Sales Program boasts a dedicated customer portal, based on ZohoCRM’s platform. Here, we offer a glimpse of its capabilities, illustrating the intuitive interface and rich features it possesses.

Key Highlights of Our Customer Portal:

Real-Time Access

Monitor every step of our journey together. As we advance with your campaign, you can track leads, appointments, and conversions in real-time.

Visual Clarity

The user-friendly interface provides a clear snapshot of trends, lead stages, and appointment statuses, empowering you to strategize and plan efficiently.

Collaborative Workspace

Engage directly with our team using our Client Success Desk accessible from the portal. Add notes, provide feedback on appointments, and ensure consistent communication.

Detailed Reporting

Dive deep into the metrics that matter. From conversion rates to engagement timelines, our portal is built to drive actionable insights.

Sample Screenshots

Please note that these screenshots showcase generic ZohoCRM Analytics. In your dedicated portal, expect a deeper dive into the overall prospecting activity, and each appointment generated including detailed statuses, counts, disposition outcomes, and other pertinent information.

Curious to see it in action? Connect with us, and we’ll guide you through an in-depth tour, showcasing the potential of our portal in refining your lead management experience.