3 Signs you should cut the cord on an under performing B2B Salesperson

3 Signs you should cut the cord on an under performing B2B Salesperson

3 Signs you should cut the cord on an under performing B2B Salesperson

You have a specific set of goals and requirements for your salespeople – but how can you cope with underperforming employees? Knowing when someone is just in a slump and when they are simply not a good fit for your team is a must. Some people obviously just don’t fit into your corporate culture or present your brand well, but what about those borderline cases? Here are three things to consider when you decide to keep an underperforming seller around – or cut them loose for good.

The lack of drive or initiative

Are you finding that you have to basically spoon feed your salesperson and set up their goals and schedules for them? The best B2Bsellers take initiative and have the drive to succeed. While not everyone needs to be competitive, being able to proactively take initiative and reach out to customers and prospects is a must. Some handholding is expected in the beginning – as your team member is learning your preferred methods – but if you still find yourself planning this person’s schedule, it may be time to cut them loose.

They don’t listen

If getting your “on the fence” salesperson to take a breath and actually listen to what you are saying is challenging for you, imagine how your clients feel. If your salesperson has a fundamental problem with social skills or is unable to listen to and understand a client’s needs, it may be time to move on. Most of us are hardwired by adulthood to socialize and interact with others in a specific way; if your team member is more of a talker than a listener, you could encounter problems.

The wrong attitude

If your B2B salesperson has the wrong attitude about, not only their own position but about your product in general, it may be time to cut the cord. While persistence and perseverance are important attributes to your sales team, the right personal attitude is a must too. The underperforming salesperson that deflects constructive criticism and basically fatigues when faced with a challenge is likely not going to work out well in the long term. Delay cutting the cord on the pessimistic salesperson and you are simply delaying the inevitable.

A team member with a positive attitude that accepts and responds to constructive criticism and works hard to learn and meet your expectations may simply lack experience and confidence. Allowing this salesperson time to grow and blossom could pay off in the long run.

Even if your sales team operates primarily on commission, their existences still cost you money and effort. Knowing when to cut the cord is a must and can help you move on when you need to – and give you the opportunity to build a truly winning team.

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