5 Ways to Meet Company Goals Using B2B Sales Teams

5 Ways to Meet Company Goals Using B2B Sales Teams

5 Ways to Meet Company Goals Using B2B Sales Teams

Most B2B Sales Teams have become adept at setting specific, measurable, and attainable goals for their sales team. The problem then becomes, how do you get your salespeople to buy into these goals? Ultimately, if you want your sales team to care about and be motivated to achieve your corporate goals, you will need to show them what is in it for them and give them what they need to achieve these goals.


Here are just 5 ways that you can get your B2B sales teams on board with and motivated to meet your company goals:

Show sales reps how the company’s target goals relate to their individual goals

The best way to show your sales representatives what is in it for them is by relating the corporate goals to their individual goals. Start by meeting with each individual and finding out what they want to accomplish individually, whether that is a specific target they want to hit, the customer they want to win, or income level they want to achieve.  Then use that information to show individuals how hitting these larger corporate goals can help them accomplish their individual goals.

Find out how individuals want to be managed and held accountable

Individual buy-in is important to get the whole sales team on board, and one way that you can accomplish this is by letting sales representatives take the lead in how they would like to be managed and held accountable. When meeting with reps individually, ask them about how they would like their goals to be managed and in what ways they would like to be rewarded for accomplishing these goals.

Give them the training and tools they need to accomplish their goals

If sales reps don’t have the tools or training they need to be successful, they may start to feel discouraged and lose motivation when it comes to meeting new company goals. In addition to asking your sales team what they need, take time to observe sales reps in the field to see what training and tools may better help them be successful. Empowering reps builds confidence, and that confidence helps them become more invested in corporate goals. Insource Leads also help in providing the tools to reach your annual sales goals. 

Use a little friendly competition to motivate your team

Competition is a great way to motivate your B2B sales teams to become more invested in company goals. Once you have found out what type of incentives appeal to your team, use these to develop a friendly competition. By displaying sales figures and competition standings on a central display, you not only increase motivation but help each rep feel more connected to the sales process.

Make a commitment to open communication for your B2B Sales Team

While finalizing the B2B sales team, open communication is an important part of getting your sales team on board with your company goals. Managers need to make it clear to their team that they are willing and ready to listen to sales reps who have concerns, complaints, or new ideas. Then, take what you learn from these conversations and turn them into suggestions for change. Doing this shows your sales team that they are a valued part of your company and their ideas are meaningful.