B2B Sales Presentation Tips

B2B Sales Presentation Tips

B2B Sales Presentation Tips

Sales presentations of the past typically followed a format that focused on the “features” of the product or service. This presentation model relied on describing the product. In today’s global online marketplace, this strategy is no longer effective. More than 65% of prospects today research your company, product, and competition online before your first scheduled sales presentation.

Ultimately, the prospect cares less about the features of your product or service and more about how it helps them address their biggest challenges. The key to creating a compelling B2B sales presentation is taking a customer-focused approach to the sales pitch. Below we will outline some important elements of an effective B2B sales presentation.

Start by providing a clear objective

If you want your prospect to attentively listen to what you have to say, you need to explain what the company will gain from listening to your pitch. How will your presentation help them get what they need to accomplish their goals? Are you saving them money? Helping them work more efficiently? If you start with this, you will have a more willing audience.

Address their current state or problem

Illustrate the prospect’s current state or biggest problems using data or examples. Include both the problem and why they are facing this issue. This helps show the prospect that you have been listening to their concerns and understand their greatest challenges. This also reminds your audience of the specific challenge your company can help with.

Discuss the prospect’s desired future state

Present a description of a world where your client no longer has to deal with this problem. By doing this, you help the prospect visualize the end goal and let them know that your company has the same vision. Addressing the future state before presenting solutions also helps you convince prospects that this problem needs to be addressed now and motivates them to act sooner rather than later.

Present the solution to the prospect’s problem

What needs to be done to change the customer’s current state and help them achieve their desired future state? Present a clear solution on how your client can address these problems. Support this solution with data or an example to help them better visualize how it can help them overcome their challenges.

Introduce your product

Now it is time to present the product. Rather than talking about product features, make sure you clearly communicate the three main benefits of your product and how it can help achieve the desired solution. You may want to include an example from a past client who you have helped find success. This builds credibility for your brand and motivates others to act.

Show how your company is different

In this competitive business climate, it is not enough to just show how your product can help the prospect solve their problems. You need to also make clear how your company is different from competitors. Many products are very similar and prospects may have a hard time distinguishing between them. Focus on discussing how your business, team, and technology set you apart from others who offer similar products/services.

End with a call to action

Just like compelling marketing copy, an effective B2B sales presentation should end with a specific call to action. What do you want the prospect to do now? Don’t leave this up in the air. Now is the time to ask for
the order.

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