The DOs and DON’Ts of Overcoming Call Reluctance in B2B Appointment Setting

The DOs and DON'Ts of Overcoming Call Reluctance in B2B Appointment Setting

The DOs and DON’Ts of Overcoming Call Reluctance in B2B Appointment Setting

It is a daily grind for the sales team to approach their prospects and set up appointments. They feel unwillingness and lack of confidence in appointment setting. They start their day with great thrill but at the day end, they have to face straight denials. Sending out numerous emails, reviewing prospect inquiries, and even meeting a couple of durable customers are some of the efforts put in by the team throughout the day. Having said that, the rate of success is very low. No expected results are met. They simply fail to draw the attention of prospects.

There is a great margin and scope if you are able to attract a hefty amount of prospects and set appointments. But if you fail to do so, you are setting a table for your competitors to jump in and swoop all the revenue that could have been yours. Sometimes there is a lack of optimism and positivity amongst the team. Sometimes laziness heavily prevails which causes inefficiency in work. Following are some useful DOs and DON’Ts that will create a sense of confidence and motivation for these laggers.

DO establish a goal.

Set up new business targets. Compare your old performances with your new business goal. Evaluate the improvements and amendments needed which will enable you to complete the number of fresh clients you require. Devise a plan which will give you an estimate of the number of calls it takes to set an appointment as demanded by your new business goal.

DON’T wait for the right time.

If you wait for the right time to make appointments then you’ll lose the opportunity. You have to take full responsibility for the task and be regular. Don’t find excuses. Don’t procrastinate. Utilize your time and call eagerly. It is preferred to schedule it at the beginning of the week, preferably in the morning hours. Consequently, you will get it done in priority without stretching and delaying it to days and weeks.

DO warm up leads with marketing tactics.

If you feel awkward in making a call and opening a conversation with the prospect without any reference, then you’ve got to build a base for it ahead of time. You have to do some homework before approaching a client which will enable them to have a general overview of you and your business. Marketing tools and tactics can greatly help you in creating an impression that last. This may consist of emailing a helpful blog post or relevant Ebook with a note stating that you will contact them in the coming days. This will mentally prepare them for your upcoming approach, as well as gives you an opening subject for discussion.

DON’T let “no” discourage you.

For a salesperson, the probability of hearing a “No” is always higher than getting a “Yes”. Do not lose hope or your readiness with the fear of hearing a “No”. Do not demotivate or discourage yourself. Set your mind by preparing for a rejection and forget how many times you will fail. If you run into a “No”, simply try to bring your phone call to an end politely giving off a positive gesture. There is no guarantee that you will hear a “Yes” from the other side of the phone. Even the most experienced of salespersons get a denial more often than an approval. One way to improve your chances of getting a confirmation from a customer is to call enough people. As much as you can because surely somebody is going to have a need for your expertise. Stay hopeful.

DO remember your goal.

Your primary target should be to achieve the number of appointments and confirmations that will assist you to get your sales numbers. Do not rush in getting every person agreed for an appointment. List down yours targets on a paper and keep it in front of you while making a call. Learning and memorizing them will keep you focused.

Some salespeople really like the B2B appointment setting. They nicely get along with it. This piece of the puzzle plays an influential role in the growth business. Greater the sales, more widely the business will fulfill its goals.